GFE: Dairy Queen (Tribute to Araneta Dudes)

I will miss the summer nights when we hang-out. I will miss all of the food I have eaten with you. The laughs we had and the evil stories we made up with each other. Long live Araneta food tripping. 

Zark’s Attack!


August 22, 2011

YES! Finally, the epitome of all burgers!

Our tandem took a breather out of the GFE Challenge. This time, through the help of our mighty friends Luigi and Karlin, we found out about this burger haven somewhere in Taft, Manila. We were receiving a lot of good remarks about the place, so we didn’t hesitate to give it a try.

Zark’s Burgers is a small resto located along the 2nd floor of the Archer’s Nook, of course  in Taft, Manila infront of De La Salle University. Inside, you’ll get this homey feel, especially if you’re a Lasallian because of the Archer’s varsity team photos hung on its walls. The place was simple, nothing much with the ambiance, it was likely of a fastfood set up because of the red colored seats and pale yellow tables. 

Meal starts at 100PhP, add twenty and you’ll get an iced tea with hand cut fresh potato fries. I got myself an All-Star burger, I forgot what MJ got, I think it was the same thing. The American All-Star burger had a home made quarter pounder beef, and the famous BLT combo. Garnished with your favorite tomato ketchup and mustard. All in for 140PhP, now that’s a great deal.

Now, if you’r in for some real burger binge, you must try the Jawbreaker challenge.  Make your mark as one of Taft’s Legends by finishing the superburger consisting of three quarter pound patties, spam, and BLT in five minutes and get the burger for FREE. Hell yeah, FREE! Beat the odds of those who tried, where out of a thousand, only 100 survived.

And of course, here goes our score cards:


10 over 10. I’ll be generous with the score, they’re generous with the serving!

MJ- ☆✰ 

8 over 10. If I’ll eat again, I’ll be coming back two months after. Its just, the bomb. You’ll come out of the place bloated. 

If you’re on the go for bigtime meals inside the 200PhP budget, try Zark’s. They’ll give you the value for your money with exact change pa! ;)

Burger Binge

We found a breather from the GFE Challenge. We just tried out this burger resto somewhere in Taft. (I know you already have an idea, that’s how famous it is) Now, we’re too full (still) to blog everything. Can we get back to you after a few days? Haha, no joke :)


p.s. Thanks to Karlin ( and to Luigi ( for telling us about this burger resto. Awesome suggestion :D You guys rock!